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Adding BuyMeACoffee to your blog or website

posted on Monday, March 13, 2023

When scouring the internet while looking for some information on a tool I was testing out, I stumbled upon a blog that had this BuyMeACoffee plugin activated. After buying the creator of the post a coffee I figured it's a pretty neat feature to have on my own blog and you might like to add to your blog or website as well.

BuyMeACoffee is a platform that allows supporters to donate to content creators. Although it's called "Buy me a coffee" it's in fact a way of donating a small amount of money - so the person can buy themselves a well-deserved coffee - to show your support or gratitude for the provided service, information etc. 

Announcement on Twiter of activating Buymeacoffee for ThisCouldBeUseful

Setting it up is pretty easy; first you need to set up an account and then you can optionally add a widget to your platform. Let's take a look!

First things first, let's setup an account.

Setting up your Buy Me A Coffee account
  1. Go to

    The BuyMeACoffee homepage

  2. Add your name in the textbox at the top of the page and click "Start my page".

    Start my page on the BuyMeACoffee website

  3. Sign up for an account.

    Setting up an account on the BuyMeACoffee website

  4. Complete your page information, this will become publicly visible.

    Providing a name, link, about and website or social link to sign up for BuyMeACoffee

  5. Choose your preferred payment currency and method.

    Choosing a preferred payment method and currency during the BuyMeACoffee account setup

  6. I didn't have a Stripe account yet, so I had to create one first. The wizard seamlessly takes you to the Stripe setup page and brings you right back once done. It will then show you a summary of your preferences.

    Confirming your preferred payment method and currency during the BuyMeACoffee account setup

  7. Add more info to your public profile. I'm funny sometimes, right?

    Editing my public profile page on BuyMeACoffee

    Adding more information to my public profile page on BuyMeACoffee

  8. Once done, you'll get confetti and some sharing options, yay!

    Positive reenforcement provided by BuyMeACoffee after you sign up

  9. And then finally, you'll land on your public profile that you can link to. Mine is

    This Could Be Useful public profile page on BuyMeACoffee

That's it, with that you can start sharing your Buy Me A Coffee link! But wait, wouldn't it be easier for followers if there was just a widget on your blog or website? Right, let's add that too!

Adding the Buy Me A Coffee widget to your page
  1. Go to and click on "Buttons & widget for your website".

    BuyMeACoffee brand kit

  2. Choose Overlay widget and customize widget to fit with your own styling, or don't. There are also buttons you can choose instead of a widget.

    BuyMeACoffee choose a button or a widget and customize it

  3. Click "Generate widget" button to... generate the code you need to embed this. The result is a simple script file, so you'll need to add this before your closing head tag on your website/blog.

    Use 'Generate widget' to generate the code to embed the BuyMeACoffee widget

    For my setup, it looks like this.
    <script data-name="BMC-Widget" data-cfasync="false" src="" data-id="TCBU" data-description="Support me on Buy me a coffee!" data-message="" data-color="#40DCA5" data-position="Right" data-x_margin="18" data-y_margin="18"></script>
  4. For Blogger:
    1. Click Theme
    2. Modify
    3. Edit HTML
    4. Search for the </head> tag and add the script right before
    5. Save your theme and check out the result

Closed BuyMeACoffee widget embedded on the ThisCouldBeUseful blog

Opened BuyMeACoffee widget embedded on the ThisCouldBeUseful blog

Looks really good with the green, doesn't it? I also added the button to the About page of my blog.

Do you use Buy Me A Coffee or a similar tool? Have you ever donated to content creators? What's your experience with donations if you are a content creator? Let me know in the comments!

Could be useful, right?

P.S. and if you liked this content or any previous content, feel free to buy me a coffee ;)

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