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Unable to start debugging: the version of clr.dll...

posted on Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So, this morning I arrive at work, I boot my pc, open Visual Studio and get to it. I do some coding and when I want to run my project (for the first time today) to test the changes I get this thrown at me:

It was fine the day before and there were no problems loading the project or whatever, so you could call this strange to say the least :( My first Google search said re-install, but luckily it didn't go that far. So for all those that get confronted with this problem, I made an overview of what causes this problem and how to fix it!

Possible causes
  • faulty configuration
  • misfortune
  • conflicting updates
Possible solutions
  • Just reboot Visual Studio... if you are as lucky as me, this could save your day!
  • Check the targeted platform: in your project properties > Compile tab > Advanced options.
    If this has defaulted to the .NET 4.0 Client Profile, this could cause the problem.
  • Check if Windows is currently installing updates or if recent updates have failed. If so, finish or fix the installation of these updates first.
  • Re-install Visual Studio, yes that sucks, I know!
  • Update Visual Studio to Service Pack 1.
Good luck and I hope this helps resolve the problem for you!

Could be useful, right?

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