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Some very useful links

posted on Friday, October 26, 2012

In my daily research (read: getting stuck and Googling desperately for help), I sometimes encounter interesting links that I -obviously- like to share with you. I used to post these on my twitter account, but then there's no way to "keep" these links or to find them again. So from now on you'll be able to find them here!

The protocol-relative URL by @Paul_Irish:

Great documentation about opening a new window using JavaScript by @htmlgoodies:

The proper way of rounding a decimal by MSDN:

Interesting article about circular references in NHibernate (MVC) by Just a Name:

For all the Evernote fans by @evernote:

JQuery cheat sheets by @woork!!! For 1.7:

For the NHibernate fans, the difference betweens NHibernate cascades @ayende:

Working with OpenXML and struggling with widths and layouts in Word? This should help by @lcorneliussen:

How to align a string with spaces: a simple but useful example by C# Examples:

How to create a windowless overlay popup using jQuery by @joelasonian: (link intentionally broken as this website seems to no longer exist)

How to create a simple jQuery dropdown menu by @WebChiefLtd:

How to create a sliding login panel using jQuery by @jeeremie: 

Could be useful, right?

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