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Most useful tools: Momentum

posted on Monday, February 6, 2023

There are tools that you love, you use them, you don't think about it twice. If you get a new computer they would be the first tools you would install again. Not really software but a Chrome extension that I just love and have been used for years: Momentum.

A colleague had this on their pc when they were showing something to me, I asked what it was, installed it and have loved and recommended it to others since! I use this to turn a new browser tab -  which I often use to shield from the distraction of the +312 open browser tabs - to something nicer to look at and to help me focus. 

This is what my setup looks like, I like the minimalistic view. I love the pictures (with location), quotes, clock and the nice greeting :) I'll show you more options below!

My default, minimalistic configuration of Momentum.

If you want more you can add a list of useful links, a search box (you can choose which search engine is used), the weather for your location, daily mantras and a todo list. You can also add bookmarks. All of this is still in the free version, there is also a paid version which will allow you to add even more  like countdowns, notes and even sounscapes (relaxing/focus sounds).

This is the view with more options enabled.

The extended setup of Momentum, with all options hidden.

This is the view with all configuration of those options opened.

The extended setup of Momentum, with all options expanded.

There is a lot you can configure to make it more personalized!

Momentum configuration view.

What's also really nice is that you can favorite mantras, quotes and photos. You can also skip them if they don't fit your mood. 

The paid version has some more cool stuff like adding your own photos as backgrounds, integrations with other tools such as GitHub, Todoist, Trello and many more for your todo lists, Pomodoro Timers that you can start on your todo list and much more.
Convinced? Need more info? Visit to easily add this extension to Chrome.

Could be useful, right?

P.S. If you are reading this and you like my blog and want to donate in some way, the paid version of Momentum can be gifted ( - hint hint :)

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