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Export EVERYTHING to PDF with CutePDF!

posted on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well, at least almost everything :) So, this post will be about CutePDF, which is a PDF printer. I don't know about you, but I like to save or store pretty much all interesting information that I stumble upon. One of the reason for that is having a blog :d Printing to paper is bad for our environment and nobody likes having to drag around piles of paper. So saving everything on our magical computers would definitely be a solution. Unfortunately, not all software provides a clean way to save to a file (in a decent file format).

Combining this problem with my favourite file format, PDF, leads me to the conclusion that I could just save all the cool stuff that is printable to PDF! Here's how to do it....

First go to and downoad and install the CutePDF Writer. I know it says "Freeware" but I've been using it for quite a while now, without any trouble at all. If you don't like this, a quick google should get you another one. You do have to watch out that during the installation, you don't install the suggested toolbar, this means leaving all of the checkboxes unchecked (yes, it will install without having the terms accepted). It'll ask to install a secondary PDF-thingie which you'll need.

Once installed, it'll show up in your list of printers. This means that you don't have to run an application or anything to start using this. Wherever you are, if it has a print button, you can now save it to PDF by just selecting it in the list of printers.

Depending on the source from which you're printing, the properties might show an option "Print to file", this will sound stupid but doing it anyway won't print anything and if it says so in the readme file than who are we to judge?

I use this feature mostly in combination with Evernote. The CutePDF writer works pretty well with the structure of the notes and will get you a very nice PDF version of your note. You can find more about Evernote here:

Offcourse you can also use it to print web pages, which looks pretty good as well. Go ahead, give it a spin!

Could be useful, right?

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