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JScript extension for Visual Studio

posted on Saturday, July 21, 2012

First things first: I'm a real Visual Studio fan and I can honestly only think about a few things that really bother me about it... and guess what, this blog post is about resolving one of them :)

For those of you that have a love-hate relationship with JavaScript, just like me, this could be useful! As you might have noticed, by default Visual Studio (2010) doesn't provide much support for coding JavaScript. Let's fix that :)

What really bugs me is that when you're coding and you go from an .aspx or .cs file which are fully supported and fully loaded with options (using Reshaper can help aswell, but more about that in a later post). And when I then switch to a .js file, I tend to be disappointed, because all of the sudden, all of my nice features are gone and I'm left with... nothing but my code (scary).

After struggling with a really long .js file, I got tired of it and Googled myself a solution. Eventually my best friend came up with a Visual Studio Extension for the JavaScript editor. This extension support brace matching, outlining/cold-folding, current word highlighting and support for the <para> element. It basically supports what you might be used to of Notepad++.

You can install this extension by downloading the .vsix file from the Visual Studio Gallery (link below) or you can find it in the Extension Manager (Tools > Extension Manager > select Online Gallery > type jscript editor in the search box).

You can find all information you need about his extension here:

Could be useful, right?

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